Gamified campaigns

Our suite of gamified campaigns consists of multi-themed content services and promotions, which address diverse mobile audiences across the globe. By combining original communication strategies, relevant content, multi-channel engagement, gamification and rewards, we are able to create exciting and fun customer experiences, which go beyond plain text-based services and promotions. Additionally, our powerful Adaptive Recommendation Engine, Daedalus, allows us to automatically and continuously optimize call-to-actions, interactivity and monetization, while respecting the end consumer and brand guidelines, which has resulted in repeat business with our clients. Having successfully designed and executed hundreds of gamified campaigns for renowned clients worldwide, we have developed an unparalleled expertise and a leadership position in the industry.

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Our keys to success:

Creative concepts

Our services cover a wide range of thematic areas, ranging from entertainment, showbiz, lifestyle and sport to personal growth and business tips. We enhance them with various interactivity mechanics, like sports predictions, polls, and different kinds of quizzes and mini games, in order to create a truly rich customer experience.

Localized Communication

Our international team of experienced copywriters creates localized and personalized communication, which integrates language and cultural nuances that resonate with the end user in each country, making our content relevant and interesting for diverse audiences.

Multiple channels

By combining operator communication vehicles, such as SMS, system messages and USSD, to digital channels, like web, mobile web and social media, we optimize acquisition rates and uplift user engagement within your campaigns.


Our solutions feature a wide array of gamification elements, like points and bonus schemes, leaderboards, achievements and special missions that boost customer motivation and interactivity and hence lead to an increased service lifetime value and maximized revenues.

Optimized Rewards

Having awarded more than $100 million to thousands of winners, we have developed a great understanding of the role of different types of rewards, which we utilize to stimulate desired customer behaviors and consequently increase campaign performance.

Technology fueled by machine learning

Our Adaptive Recommendation Engine, Daedalus which is integrated into our robust and scalable technology platform, generates insights that guarantee automated and continuously optimized communication. This consequently leads to deepened customer engagement and optimized revenues.

Case study

Ooredoo Qatar

Ooredoo is a leading international communications company with a customer base of more than 100 million across the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia.

In Qatar, Ooredoo is the no1 Mobile and land line operator. Since 2010, Velti has run 5 marketing “mega” promotions for Ooredoo QTR with huge success.

The Velti solution

5 prize awarding marketing promotions from 2010 to 2016. These promotions were offering interesting daily content while combining it with interactive quiz games. This was the main core of the reward-marketing strategy. As a first priority Velti’s and Ooredoo’s Goals were high engagement, replayability and customer satisfaction.

Ooredoo’s brand image was enhanced through Velti’s multi language services showcasing local customs & culture while customers were engaged in the interactive mechanism and offered valuable rewards.

Velti’s dynamic platform offers unique targeting solutions, ensuring Ooredoo subscribers receive appropriate content at the time they are most likely to enjoy it.

Results that matter

Almost 1,000,000 subscribers.

$13,000,000 generated revenues.

440 winners in total have been awarded more than $ 3,000,000 in cash, gold or dream cars!

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