Customer Retention and Engagement Solutions

Our customer retention and engagement solutions are designed to work for both you and your customers – your customers enjoy personalized and relevant rewards every time they engage with you. Our programs enable you to meet your specific business goals, as well as your sales and marketing objectives. In other words, you will be able to capture and build customer data, drive base conversion and meet/exceed cross sell and up sell revenue targets.Leveraging our mobile marketing expertise and proven technologies, our customer retention and engagement solutions create and deliver fully-managed, performance-based, multi-channel programs, which help change customer behavior and drive the KPIs that matter to you, be it increasing ARPU, NPS, or other.

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Our keys to success:

Customer segmentation and personalization

Our scalable, proprietary platform is empowered with our innovative Adaptive Recommendation Engine, Daedalus, which automatically segments your customers based on spend, demographics, attitude and other variables, such as campaign-relevant triggers, promotions and rewards. As a result, you will provide a more personalized and compelling experience to your customers, who will turn into well-defined and engaged individuals. Data analysis is central to how we run our tailored solution, as it allows for ongoing optimization.


Our customer retention and engagement programs feature a variety of gamification tools (including creative games, contests, polls and more) that drive engagement and captivate your audience’s attention by tapping into consumers’ love for mobile games and interactivity.

Specifically-tailored packages

Whether you are looking to grow your revenues, increase retention or deepen customer engagement, our cross-channel programs are tailored to meet your strategic goals and deliver results.

Fully-managed service

From account and project management services to rewards management and content localization, our team of Velti experts handle all aspects of your customer retention and engagement program to ensure optimum results.

Easy and flexible integration

The solutions we offer through our innovative platform run in parallel with your existing systems with minimum integration required. This greatly reduces the pre-launch phase, as well as the associated integration costs.

Proven track record

Our platform has helped some of the leading mobile operators and brands in diverse geographies to design and run real-time, mobile-centric customer retention and engagement programs that deliver on their promises. Our customer retention and engagement programs typically drive 25-40% of user participation, leading to a generous increase in your revenues and customer satisfaction.

Case study

T-Mobile Netherlands

T-Mobile Netherlands is one of the largest Dutch mobile telecommunications companies and a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom.

The company offers a leading portfolio of mobile telecommunications services for its 3.7 million customers (as of December 31, 2015).

The Velti solution

T-Mobile Netherlands partnered with Velti to design and implement ‘Prepaid Surprise’, an innovative real-time, prepaid loyalty program where everyone wins!

Velti has built a loyalty solution that allows T-Mobile to reward its prepaid customers with instant and targeted rewards every time they top up. The rewards increase the frequency of top ups and keep customers engaged and active.

The main features of PrePaid Surprise are:

  • With every top up, customers receive a unique code and are invited to go online to play an interactive and fun game and win prizes.
  • There are two levels of prizes:
    • Level 1: All customers win a Telco prize e.g. minutes, MBs, SMS or credit
    • Level 2: Customers play for a chance to win one of the major physical prizes e.g. holidays, iPhones, MacBooks, iPads and shopping vouchers.
  • There are three Top Up tiers for the following amounts: €10.00-14.99 (tier 1), €15.00-19.99 (tier 2) and €20.00 or more (tier 3). The higher the top-up tier, the higher the chance of winning a physical prize.
  • Prepaid customers are motivated to play PrePaid Surprise via a monthly e-newsletter, a code reminder SMS as well as targeted seasonal campaigns.

Results that matter

Velti’s solution has helped T-Mobile to motivate and reward its prepaid customer base and achieve its business goals. During the five years it has been running, the program has been a very effective customer engagement tool and has generated significant value for T-Mobile, by achieving impressive churn reduction and ARPU increase results. The majority of the people engaged have stayed within the program and participated multiple times.


  • Achieve optimum customer retention and drive churn reduction
  • Increase ARPU by generating higher activity levels and stimulating cross sell and upsell
  • Differentiate the brand by improving customer engagement and satisfaction

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