Our newest product, DUEL, brings the future to your mobile promotions. Our aim is to entertain, reward, and monetize audiences via WebApp within a promotional context. Your customers can challenge each other in fun and interactive two–player trivia quizzes, which offer thousands of original questions covering multiple areas of interest. The competition element combined with visual and gamification features, social dynamics and rewards, create a truly exciting user experience. This is further enhanced by DUEL’s responsive web design, which allows optimized visualization across smartphone, tablet, and desktop screens, making it possible for each customer to participate via their preferred device. Additionally, DUEL is powered by our Adaptive Recommendation Engine, Daedalus, which generates customer insights that guarantee automated and continuously optimized communication, leading to deepened customer engagement and optimized revenues.

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Our keys to success:

Two-player game

Two-player quiz gaming lies at the core of DUEL; as such, your customers can challenge theirs friends and random peers in DUELS, in which they have to compete against the clock in fun, thematic trivia quiz rounds. The theme of each round is chosen by the players in turns. Thus, players can shine in rounds with their selected, preferred themes but might be taken off-guard by the choice of the opponent, which guarantees an exciting and challenging gameplay.

Fun, relevant content

DUEL comes with a wealth of multi-lingual questions of varying degree of difficulty, which cover local, regional and international areas of interests, thus making it possible to address different customer segments worldwide. Communication is localized and integrates language and cultural nuances that resonate with the end user.


DUEL embeds a creative gamification suite, including points and bonus schemes, badges and leaderboards, avatar personalization as well as aspirational rewards, which produces a modern and fun game environment that motivates its players to stay engaged for a long period of time.

Social experience

DUEL offers a truly social experience; your players have the opportunity to invite their friends to play, challenge or rematch specific opponents, share their game progress on social media platforms and communicate with each other via build-in chat mechanics.

Innovative technology

DUEL is powered by our robust and scalable technology platform, which has successfully driven hundreds of promotions worldwide. With Deadalus – Velti’s Adaptive Recommendation Engine- at its heart, DUEL uses every customer interaction to generate insights that guarantee automated, continuously optimized communication.

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