DAEDALUS is a smart and powerful Adaptive Recommendations Engine that uses advanced machine-learning algorithms to recommend the right type of communication for each of your customers at any time, improving customer experience and maximizing the performance of mobile marketing campaigns. To do so, Daedalus captures and analyses a large amount of real time contextual data from multiple sources to create a unique 3600 customer profile for your customers, which is updated in real time. Then, using robust predictive analytics and self-learning algorithms, Daedalus scores the propensity of each offer and recommends the best offer with the best language at the best timing per customer, maximizing response rates. Campaign response rates are recorded in real time and used to further optimize the performance of the system.

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Our keys to success:

Data-based actionable customer insights

Daedalus’ algorithms incorporate a set of pre-defined communication options, creative copywriting, the time element, and customer data, to produce in-depth insights and actionable, integrated 360o customer profiles. This guarantees optimized and personalized dialogues with engaged individuals. Your campaigns become relevant and highly-targeted and your customers feel appreciated and understood.

Automated, effective solution

Daedalus’ scientific approach simplifies the management processes of traditional campaigns and lets you plan them in an environment where relevant and optimized messages are sent to customers automatically and in the right context. Whether looking to increase ARPU, reduce churn, or deepen customer engagement, Daedalus’ self-trained algorithms are designed to increase the performance of your campaigns with time, and help you achieve a desirable return on investment.

Proven, high-performance technology

Daedalus has effectively increased response rates, and propelled mobile operators’ revenues and NPS in multiple mobile marketing campaigns worldwide. With the assistance of our Velti experts, you can benefit from its advanced AI technology, as well as from our top-notch business expertise, to build individualized communications that maximize performance.

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